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Who We Are

We are an online dispensary for cannabis and cannabis products

 420 Potheads was founded in 2009 after seeing how difficult it was getting weed online with the dream of bringing the herb and its products closer to weed lovers.

We are a member of the National Cancer Institute spearheading cannabis and cannabinoids research as an effort to help alleviate cancer. WeedCrew is one of the main supporters of the American Cancer Institute

We operate as a business in order support to our dream of making cannabis and cannabis products as accessible as possible.

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Our team

Today known as the Cannabis Walmart or the Walmart of the Cannabis in LA, we play a leading role in online sale of marijuana, hash, hash oil, cannabis and cannabis products with the help of this important team members.

Luise Litt

420 PotHeads Dispensary Customer Care Service

Katrina Bennett

420 PotHeads Dispensary Store Receptionist

Mike Ross

Web Design and Online Product Updates


Buying weed, medical marijuana online has never been easier than with 420 PotHeads.


100% Quality Guarantee. All products are lab-tested and providing 100% quality guarantee to all products

24/7 Customer Support

We are online on a 24/7 basis offering Presales and after sales support to all customers via call,email or live chat


Discrete mailing with Tracking # All packages are triple sealed with silicon paper and shipped as discrete packages

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