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This is a wonderfully balanced strain perfect for treating anxiety, depression and stress. It leaves users feeling happy and relaxed. Powerful but not overwhelming.Thick bud structure encrusted in trichomes. Deep rich green colour with slight yellow hairs and white/purple undertones. Sticky beautiful plant! 70% Indica 30% Sativa 3 Way Hybrid: Badazz X Og Kush X Cookies Kush

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Buy Cookies OG Space Monkey Meds Online

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100ml tins are the perfect size for storing 3.5g of dried flower. To seal the tin, you simply push the base plate (bottom of the tin) into the body of the can firmly until you feel it click into place. To open, you pull the ring pull and can reseal the can by using the plastic cap provided with the tin. Holds 100ml liquid / 3.5g herbs No tools needed for these Tins 100ml Holds 3.5 grams dry herbs No tools needed! Includes black plastic lids

This ships as 4 four-gram sealed cans.

The next stage in the cannabis industrial revolution: quality controlled, consistent, highest quality frosty buds.

Expensive but a good value because you smoke less of it. Comes with a resealable lid, use a vaporizer and these meds will keep you rolling in the deep green for a very long time.

Please specify Sativa or Indica, strains vary constantly as these guys keep up quality standards in the face of exploding demand.

Buy Space Monkey Meds Online, Order Space Monkey Meds Online, Space Monkey Meds for Sale Online, Buy Space Monkey Meds Tins
Available Strains are as follows:

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• Sunset Sherbert
• Orange county Cookies
• Orange Apricot
• Lemon Cake
• Wedding Cake

• Indoor Lemon Tree
• Kosher Kush
• Golden State Banana
• Forbidden Fruit
• Strawberry Shortcake
• star dawg
• blackberry pie
• Cherry cookies
• Forbidden fruits

• Gelato
• Gushers :
• Bacio Gelato
• Berners Cookies
• Moonrock
• Moonrock Ice
• mints cookies


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